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Impact Mystery shopping formed in January 2007 from a small team that previously worked in the industry with another market leading mystery shopping firm.  Collectively we have something like 30 years pure mystery shopping experience from account management to data analysis.  Prior to this, the team have extensive experience in business intelligence, customer service and compliance which means that when you’re looking to us to deliver a project, we understand what it is that you want from all angles.

We had the basic idea that we wanted to work hard, achieve the best results for our clients, deliver a cost efficient and robust service and yet, remarkably still have lives.  It is important to us that the team have the flexibility to enjoy their jobs and their home lives.  We figure that this makes for a happier and more productive staff. 

It's a very flat structure, everyone eventually reports to the Managing Director but has the autonomy to make decisions when they're needed.  Staff work flexible hours and locations to suit.  Technology has greatly aided the company in enabling this.  We all pull together as a team and it means the same to everyone to work hard. No promises are made to clients unless the team delivering give the go ahead.

Every member of staff is selected for their skills in their relevant area but also because they are human beings who are available to interact personally with clients and agents alike. Perhaps it's an old fashioned approach.  It works.

We have a nationwide account management team who deal with you from the very inception of your enquiry right through to delivery and presentation.  It's important to us to know that you feel that you can rely on us to work absolutely in partnership with you.

Rather than bang on about ourselves, our clear skills in business intelligence and in many diverse industries; we spend time listening to you to enable us to deliver exactly what you want.  We've got highly specialised experience in this very specific area of customer service assessment and performance management. 

For smaller independent businesses, you might like to consider piggy backing on the experience we've gained working for others very much like you and saving money on set up fees and tailored presentations. 

For mid to large size companies, we feel that the best approach is to ensure that every aspect of your programme is made to measure. 

Whatever you want and however you want it, Impact Mystery Shopping work in tandem as part of your business to ensure that you get it...when you want it.

 Talk to us, that's the key.

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