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About You

Don't you just love websites that talk about us and our services and what we do etc?  Whilst that's great and completely necessary to find out the way in which you collectively put your best feet forward, being a customer service consultant means taking a slightly different approach...

How about we talk about you?

Why are you here?  Why are you considering using mystery shopping agents to give you the data you need?

Have you been using another firm of mystery shoppers or market researchers to facilitate your secret shopper programme so far?  If so, did you know that Impact Mystery Shopping can integrate seamlessly with your current programme?  Did you also know that Impact Mystery Shopping have consistently delivered a more cost effective and yet high granularity programmes to our existing clients, helping them to save money and gain data that benefits the bottom line.

How much do you know about your clients?

What's great about being in the business of helping our clients to focus on their customer care standards is learning so much about so many diverse industries.  We want to assist you to get to know your own customers inside out so that in turn, you can pre-empt what they want.

We need to get right under the skin of your business in order to deliver something that makes sense to you and to your clients, the first stages of our working relationship will be all about you, what you do, what you want, what you need, when you need things and how we will work for and with you to understand your organisation to get these things to you.

Our account management team have wide experience in myriad industries allowing them to develop an understanding of your business processes in a relatively short time.  In effect, the account manager works for you almost as one of your own team to ensure that what you get is specifically right for you and not just some off the shelf product that may or may not fit. 

You might be in a very niche industry, let's say a B2B industry selling consumable films to modified atmospheric packaging machine manufacturers (that niche enough for you?).  Did you know that Impact Mystery Shopping have agents who can act as potential buyers for your product and can credibly conduct an entire sales scenario giving you feedback on your sales team and all points of contact from then on?

Mystery Shopping is as applicable to a chain of sandwich outlets as it is to an independent clothing boutique, a restaurant, pubs, adult entertainment venues, spare parts suppliers or any other business on earth.  There's nothing niche about good customer experiences.

Our point is always the same: To deliver something to your client base, you have to know what they want, what they're getting, what they need, what they demand and of course, what they think they might want in the weeks, months and years to come. 



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