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Urgent Warning

Sadly it is becoming a more and more common problem but it would appear that Impact have been targeted by nefarious people who are using our company as "cover" in order to recruit secret/mystery shoppers to exchange travellers cheques and transfer via Western Union.
Things to look out for in an email or any other communication from a party you've not had contact with before:
  • Check our Team page, are these people listed there?
  • Is the email address a generic hotmail/gmail/livemail type address rather than a true address?
  • Are they offering you something that's too good to be true?
  • Are you even registered with us?  (Our database of agents hasn't been targeted at all.)
  • Is the spelling and grammar wrong?
  • Are they just copying and pasting text from our (or other mystery shopping) websites?
Basically we think they're trying to get people to cash stolen travellers cheques, it would appear that they are based in Nigeria.  They ask you to wire the money to them, (less a generous fee for your fraudulent act) to them via Western Union Money Transfer.
It is illegal and you may be held liable for your part if you do not with all diligence research the nature of your assignment.
Impact Mystery Shopping will NEVER solicit people who are not registered to work with us and who have not signed our agreements by their own volition.
The names we have so far for the Scammers are:
Nathan Henry and Desmond Harley...
We will keep this page updated as we get more information.  If there's anything that you can tell us about the scam, please email us and we'll post it here or blog it on our Facebook  

Welcome to the Agent section of Impact Mystery Shopping, here you will find information on being a mystery shopper. If you have never been a mystery shopper before, don't worry, you will find lots of advice and tips on being a mystery shopper for us and other companies. We even give you details on other mystery shopping companies to sign up with, how's that for being unbiased?  First and foremost; do not pay to register with any company, these are scams and you can find exactly the same information here for free. That's not to say we have the comprehensive guide, these are just a few hints to get you started...

FAQ    Here you can find the most asked questions about Mystery Shopping in general.

Terms & Conditions   You must read this before completing the Agent Registration Form.

Work available  Just what it says really, we do go through our data base but occasionally we require special skills or requirement that are not covered in the registration form. So if you have a Lexus for example that needs servicing please check in to the page regularly as you never know; you may get it done for nothing.

Agents Newsletter Just a update of how projects are going, any changes in the office and anything we think you should be kept informed about.

Testimonials  Just a bit of a pat on the back for us really, some of the nice things our agents have said about us. 

Agent Links  this page is still under construction so please bear with us. Basically it will consist of useful links from Self Employment, Services for Agents and our eBook which will contain all the companies to sign up with, helpful information etc. all in one file which you can download for FREE!

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