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Agent Testimonials

We have a scheme whereby agent invoices (so long as they relate to completed and on time reports) are paid by Faster Payments through our banking system within 24 hours of receipt.

This does not apply to some agents who have building society accounts as they do not accept faster payments and therefore, even though we do pay within 24 hours, payments may take up to 3-5 days to clear.

Here are some testimonials from agents who have benefited from Impact's new commitment to ensure that agents are not kept waiting for payment...

MF - "Wow - I think that has got to be the quickest pay ever!!!!!! "

CD - "many thanks for super quick payment"

JF - "I think that's the fastest I've ever been paid"

DK - "Funds were in my account within hours, it might have been quicker but that was the fastest I could get onto the web to check!"

GH - "Thank you for paying my invoice so promptly and for being such nice people to deal with, some other MS companies could do with taking a leaf out of your book"

WH - "lovely to talk to you today and thanks for all the work"

PG - "Thank you for taking the time to explain everything to me, what a friendly company"





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