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Disabled Access

We know that with legislation changing every day, you and your business have to keep up and stay abreast of things so that the sector of your clientele who might perhaps struggle with visual impairments, physical and mobility challenges are catered for; to exactly the same standards as your able bodied customers. 


Itís all very well as an able bodied person to think that you can evaluate how it might be for say a deaf person to exit a building with a fire alarm, find a toilet with visual impairment or get to a cinema screen with only a one way escalator if you are mobility impaired. 


The truth of it is that no one can possibly begin to give as accurate and as faithful a report on these aspects of living, socialising, shopping and engaging in leisure activities as someone who does live with these impairments from day to day. 


Impact Mystery Shopping Ltd are lucky enough to have taken on a consultant to assist in the design and data capture for programme that might need to involve measures gauging the effectiveness of implementations for the disabled. 


Steffanie Wise joined Impact Mystery Shopping Ltd in October 2007 to help us fully understand how to create a realistic programme to measure services provided to those with mobility and/or sensory challenges.  Steffanie is registered blind and is fortunate enough to have a guide dog who goes everywhere with her.  She is also an amputee and walks with the aid of a prosthesis. 


Web access using Bobbi certified hot keys, sites that are compatible with speech programmes, the ability to fill forms in without sight, these are all important things if you want to maximise your business.   

We can integrate a micro programme into your overall mystery shopping programme and group, separate or compare results as is pertinent.


Steffanie doesnít just consult on disabled access matters; she is also a caller in standard programmes.




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