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Extreme Mystery Shopping

Most of our clients contact us with a view to running a mystery shopping programme that monitors staff performance in terms of customer satisfaction, sales conversion, compliance with internal and external organisation standards and using the phone, email, web contact or face to face visits.

The most common calls deal with things like the greeting, sales enquiry, ownership of the enquiry, closing and farewell.  This is pretty basic but at the other end of the spectrum, did you know that we can furnish you with an extreme mystery shopping programme?

Let's just say that you are a breakdown and recovery supplier, you know that your calls are answered in less than 3 rings and that the call handlers are polite.  Do you however know, what the true service is like when and if the roadside assistance arrives and if the client is a single woman with three children under 5 or a parent and child with a horsebox full of ponies on the back?  We have agents who can provide credible scenarios for all sorts of events that allow you to follow your process right to the end of the customer experience.

Flooded cellars, fire damage to a laptop, stolen mobiles, plastic surgery procedures, till discrepancy complaints, crashed or vandalised vehicles, credit applications, solicitor's appointments - we will work with you in some necessarily difficult scenarios to make sure that you know exactly how it feels to be your client.







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