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Our Services

Impact Mystery Shopping, we do exactly what we say on the tin.   

So..what does that include? 

  • Performance management using mystery shopping as the key tool  

We do this: 

  • Mystery Shopping using telephone agents both making and receiving calls
  • Mystery Shoppers visiting in person and making face to face enquiries transacting purchases,  making complaints, completing service visits and so on.
  • Mystery shopping various parts of your organisation by letter  
  • Mystery Shoppers contacting you via the web  
  • Mystery Shopping you via email  
  • Conducting secret shopping enquiries via fax (although this is getting more and more antiquated and unusual to be honest!)
  • providing recordings - both audio and video of all types of mystery shopping events (subject to some ICO and Market Research Society guidelines)
  • for you and your organisation
  • to benchmark you and your competitors  
  • to execute research
  • to undertake customer satisfaction programmes 

What we don't do:

  • Anything that doesn't involve mystery shopping.   




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