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In submitting your agent form and ticking the box that confirms that you have read, understood and accept the terms and conditions of working for us as a mystery shopping field agent; you are confirming that you will not accept any assignment in which there is the possibility that a staff member could reveal your identity as a mystery field agent or in any other way compromise your assignment or anonymity.


You understand that assignments are completely confidential and that you must not discuss the programme or divulge details to any other party other than your operational team at Impact Mystery Shopping Ltd.  We appreciate the nature of being a field agent for many diverse research and mystery shopping companies but you are required to maintain a strict code of confidentiality between yourself and Impact Mystery Shopping Ltd.  This means that you must take extra care when identifying project details to individuals on the phone, in writing and by email and fax to ensure that you are communicating with the pertinent team for that programme.  Impact Mystery Shopping Ltd has committed to the ICO to keep client details safe, you as a sub-contractor or employee are bound by the same commitments.


You understand that information gathered by you about organisations who are our clients is highly confidential and is governed by the Data Protection Act in its most current legislative form. You are not authorised to retain any notes or copies of reports.  You must dipose of these by permanently deleting any electronic records or suitably disposing of any paper notes etc. within 1 week of submitting required material to Impact Mystery Shopping Ltd.




In ticking to demonstrate that you have read and agree to our terms and conditions of employment, you affirm that you as the agent, enter into a contract to which Impact Mystery Shopping Ltd. is also a party.


You will provide services to Impact Mystery Shopping Ltd. as agreed.  You can accept or decline a project before its commencement.  You will be given details of the programme, payment, reimbursement and schedules in advance.  You accept that to receive reimbursement for any monies spent in the course of the programme, you must submit valid receipts within the time frame specified and agreed to.  You accept that you will not receive payment unless your report is received by the operations team in the manner and within the timeframe agreed to in advance.  Payment is made to you as an agent on 30 days (i.e. your expenses will be paid at the end of the calendar month in which they are submitted) and we prefer to pay by BACS, your operations manager will request your banking details from you which will not be held by us but by our bank and will not be used for any other purpose.  


You accept that we may retain personal details about you including but not limited to those submitted in your application form, you agree that these may be used to contact you with forthcoming work where relevant or to query other matters arising between you and Impact Mystery Shopping Ltd.  Impact Mystery Shopping Ltd. is bound by certain requirements to keep this information safe.


Impact Mystery Shopping is registered with the Information Commissioners Office

Registration reference: Z9847435


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You are responsible for your own Tax and National Insurance

liability  in respect of any payment received for services provided under this agreement.


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More information can be found on the HMRC website website.


Your performance is directly linked to the likelihood of being tasked with future assignments; all assignment reports are quality controlled.




You will need Microsoft Excel to receive, edit and complete your agent report forms.  It is helpful (but not essential) to have Adobe PDF reader.  You will need access to the web and email.


Your agent packs will normally be sent in Microsoft Word although if you contact your agent handler, they can be altered and sent in some other universal reader if necessary for instance if you are using a MAC compatible system.



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