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Your Clients.'ve got your Customer Care Standard Charter, you've got a team in place that manages all your front line contact.  You have another team that deal with complaints (God forbid!), another team that is in charge of your call centres, a specific response team trained to deal with all written correspondence, a website that is fast, sticky and engaging and above all you know that your clients love you because they keep coming back

Or do you?  Are all these people delivering your brand consistently?  What are clients saying about you,  not only about your product or your store front but the people that deliver you and your concept to them?

What is absolutely priceless about the intelligence delivered by a mystery shopping programme is that it's the feedback of your actual client base.  This is not about professional auditing, this is about discovery and honest opinion from a sample of real people.  The people who really count for your business, the people who purchase and use your product or service. 

Who can be more important to you than your bread and butter?

If you'd like to start the ball rolling in terms of how it actually feels to be a client of yours, contact our account management team at to talk about running a pilot.  These can cost from as little as just 250, now there's a nice surprise!


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